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Introducing Developing Apps for Office and SharePoint, Part 1: Overview

In this opening episode of the all new Inside apps for Office and SharePoint series on Channel 9, Brian Jones, Group Program Manager for Office, Howard Crow, Group Program Manager for SharePoint, and Todd Haugen, Group Program Manager for Access, introduce the new extensibility model so developer...

Introducing Developing Apps for Office and SharePoint, Part 2: Developer Platform Drill-down

In this video, two Sr. Lead Program Managers—Mike Ammerlaan and Rolando Jimenez, for SharePoint and Office respectively—provide a technical drill-down into the use of standard Web technologies, security principles employed, and performance topics regarding apps for Office and SharePoint. Learn about...

Introducing Developing Apps for Office and SharePoint, Part 3: Tools – Access, Visual Studio 2012, and "Napa"

In Part 3 of this introductory set of videos, Jim Nakashima, Eray Chou and Steve Greenberg—all Sr. Program Manager Leads—discuss the tools you can use to develop apps for Office and SharePoint. Steve, Eray, and Jim discuss the Microsoft-based developer tools available and show demos of Access...

Introduction to Office Developer Tools for Visual Studio 2012

With Office and SharePoint 2013, you can now build a new class of apps that extend and personalize the way we create and consume information. Develop apps as web applications. You can use HTML and JavaScript for client-side code, and your choice of language for server-side code, such as VB.NET, C#...

What's New for Developers in Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013

Office and SharePoint 2013 offer a lot of exciting new opportunities for the developer. This session will provide an overview of the new developer features for Office and SharePoint including apps, the new cloud app model, additional APIs for SharePoint full trust solutions and new features for the Office developer.

Building end-to-end apps for SharePoint with Windows Azure and Windows 8

With the deep SharePoint 2013 API set, coupled with the new app models for SharePoint and Office, the opportunity to build innovative end-to-end solutions that span cloud services and devices is just plain breathtaking. Devices can seamlessly reach into SharePoint via REST to retrieve data and SharePoint can fire events to light up your backend services – like sending notifications via the Windows Push Notification Service to SharePoint workflows.


Every Office & SharePoint Camp is different, but here’s an example of the topics covered at a Office & SharePoint Camp.

Here's what you can expect to learn:
  • Building apps for Office
  • Building apps for SharePoint (Office 365 SharePoint Online)
  • Web technologies used to build with the cloud app model
  • And more...
Come prepared!
  • Bring your own developer environment on your laptop or have access to this environment for website development/ deployment.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Pro or above and the Office Developer Tools (Note: You can download VS 2012 Pro as a free trial, see link below. For those that don’t typically use VS, there are some parts of the workshop that rely on VS since tooling for some of the packaging is not yet available for other platforms. If your laptop OS does not support a Visual Studio 2012 install, we’ll have a workaround at the event).
    • See the Tools section here.
  • Sign up for the free Office 365 Developer Site preview here.
  • Install Office 2013 desktop clients from your developer site.
  • Have your own hosted web server for deploying your web site.
    • If you don’t have one, sign up for a Windows Azure free trial here and learn about Windows Azure Web Sites.


None yet, coming soon!